The development of my expression has been an inquiry to the possibilities of the painting material. I have been interested how the qualities of painting can bring abstract phenomenons that influence the way we perceive existence in to a tangible realm. To transmit the substances I have used abilities of painting to be material and immaterial a the same time, how painting materials are anthropomorphized and how, by presenting a painting in an unconventional way, you can alter the associations it evokes and the way it is perceived. I have sought to present my painting material and pictorial references in a way that the whole creates an indexical speech where corporeal experiences are interconnected with concepts and associations.

Conceptually my starting points have been in the thematics of existence. For several years I have been contemplating how the  images, past and present, relate to the way how the existence is perceived and the problematics that are born from the relationship of reality and given or forced ideals. The motivation for this contemplation has come from a need to understand the terms of being. The need to understand those terms has come from a need to connect to the world.

Trough out my artistic practise the painted human figure has been a essential starting point to address the concepts in my work, but at this point it seems, that the most meaningfull figure that appears in the connection with the painting is my own: the sensation that the painting gives to me runs trough like a contrast medium and draws my psyche and body visible, making them happen and thus making it (me) present and connected.   

Teemu Korpela 2016